Monday, February 23, 2004


1. As referenced earlier, Nicole is in Nashville. But she's from the greater-NYC area. So, one might conclude that we are learning the way around each other's old stomping grounds at the same time. Big difference: she's near Vanderbilt and I'm on the upper west side. We don't have The Trace, Sunset Grill, or South Street. She, on the other hand, doesn't have Ouest, Dock's, or Ray's Pizza. I think we probably look at each other's blogs to explore vicariously the eating/drinking habits of each other, and we both seem to do it all quite well.

2. Hot Toddy (Toaster Oven) has a mind that should frighten small children yet provides me with endless entertainment from his perch in the Pacific Northwest. If the "Sex and the City" girls were as cool as him, that show would have been much more popular.


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