Tuesday, February 24, 2004


I really don't mind (too much) my celebrity neighbors. Seinfeld is okay, as long as he doesn't try to break line at Ray's Pizza. I'm a little concerned, though, about rumors that Alex Rodriguez is considering my neighborhood. For now, he is taking a place in midtown-east, which is near my office. But if the rumors are true, he might be moving to the upper west side.

Therefore, I have some questions:

-Will he shop at Gristedes or Zanzabar? Let's hope not Gristedes. The aisles are too narrow.
-When taxi's come, will they pick up him before me? Just because he's famous?
-Does he prefer CVS, Duane Reade, or an independent? I guess it depends which has the best price on Flexall 454.
-What if he uses the same dry cleaner as me, and they get our clothes mixed up? I don't look good in thin pinstripes.

As one transplant to another: A-Rod, please go to the upper EAST side. It's more convenient to the stadium.


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