Thursday, February 26, 2004


My rental car is equipped with OnStar. While adjusting the rear-view mirror, I accidentally pressed the OnStar button. It took over the car. It was like the devil was talking to me and she was a woman! The radio went away, and I began being lectured about how I could NOT use OnStar because I had not activated my account. Heck, it wasn't my account, it was Hertz's! I tried to get the radio back, but nothing doing. Finally, the woman (she-devil) told me that I could ask for a live-person to help me. Faustian bargain? Perhaps....

ONSTAR LIVE PERSON: This is ______________. How may I help you?
ME: Uh, I think I accidentally pressed the OnStar button. How do I get my radio back?"
ONSTAR LIVE PERSON: Push the button with the dot.
ME: Oh, thank you.

Music returns.

I used to think I was pretty savvy about these things. New York is causing me to lose touch with automotive technological advances. May God have mercy.


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